Peer to Peer Mentoring

Core Transitions

Younger students often have a difficult time adjusting to a new school. This transition period is when many students feel “disconnected”, give up or display at-risk behavior.

Our Core Transitions Program is a student-to-student mentoring program that creates an opportunity for schools to intentionally engage all incoming students to be mentored by an accomplished and caring upperclassman.

  • We provide a manageable “system” to mobilize a team of mentors to support and guide the younger students
  • Creates a positive connection among students and staff; impacts school culture
  • Enhances leadership skills in this unique student-lead program and teaches them how to develop positive relationships


“Nashua North has loved our work with Deb and Trevor from Core Trainings. Our students are learning to be empowered leaders and agents of positive change in our school community. This work is shaping our school culture and building a capacity of leadership for years to come!”
Katie Closs
Nashua North HS - Assistant Principal

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